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Manon Simard
Wildlife Parasitologist
Makivik Corporation

My interest at the moment is studying wildlife diseases of zoonotic importance as well as those that may impact wildlife populations that are traditionally harvested by Inuit of Nunavik. Ongoing projects are: 1) Nunavik Trichinellosis Prevention Program; 2) In collaboration with the Centre Québécois de la Santé des Animaux Sauvages, University of Montréal, St-Hyacinthe, we are providing a diagnostic service for any wildlife abnormalities brought at the Nunavik Research Center ; 3) In collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans, we are sampling for pathologies, contaminants, nutrition, reproduction, and collecting biological information during the bowhead whale harvest in Nunavik. I am also coordinating two 5 year projects. The first one, funded by the International Polar Year, is called ?Engaging communities in the monitoring of zoonotic disease for food safety and wildlife health?. Diseases studied were Trichinella nativa, Toxoplasma gondii, Anisakidae nematodes, E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella spp. The second project, ?is investigating the health of Nunavik muskoxen during a five year experimental hunt. Herd health, zoonotic diseases and contaminants were studied. : Community engagement, training of northerners and communications of results to the Inuit population, working in collaboration with the public health are also an important part of the work.


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Wildlife Diseases Important for Human Health and Food Safety in the Changing Environment of the Eastern Subarctic

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