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Laura Siegwart Collier
Climate change impacts on berry shrub growth, reproduction and traditional use in Nunatsiavut
Memorial University of Newfoundland

My research focuses on berries (kigutanginak (blueberry), kimminak (redberry), Paungatuinnak (blackberry) and Appik (bakeapple)) and trying to understand how climate change will impact growth, pollination, reproduction and traditional use of berry plants around Nain and Saglek, Nunatsiavut. My research is carried out by: 1) consulting with elders, berry pickers and community members to document and archive their observations and knowledge of environmental change, 2) using experimental warming chambers to predict how plants and pollinating insects will respond to increasing temperature, and 3) annual monitoring of berry production, soil properties and vegetation.


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Enhancing Community-Based Environmental Monitoring in the Canadian Arctic for Local and Regional Assessments and Adaptation Strategies

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