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Scott Lamoureux
Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Queen's University

My research interests are concerned with long term landscape changes in the arctic, particularly the interactions between climate, hydrology and geomorphology. I have been working across the Canadian Arctic since 1988 and carry out field research in most years. My research group is investigating hydroclimate-landscape interactions in High Arctic settings through the study of contemporary processes and long sedimentary records that permit the reconstruction of past environmental change. A key area of interest is the role that climate-permafrost interactions alter landscape stability in coastal watersheds and influence river flows and sediment erosion. Additionally, we are evaluating the ecological impacts of these changes to understand how models and environmental policies can be developed to minimize the impact of land use and resource development.


Project Leader

Water Security and Quality in a Changing Arctic

Project Member

Enhancing Community-Based Environmental Monitoring in the Canadian Arctic for Local and Regional Assessments and Adaptation Strategies

Primary Address

Phone: 613-533-6033

Fax: 613-533-6122