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Gilles Gauthier
Full Professor

I have been doing ecological studies and environmental monitoring on Bylot Island, Sirmilik National Park, Nunavut since 1989. My main research interests are the demography, reproductive strategies, migration and plant-herbivore relations in Greater Snow Geese. More precisely, I examine the role played by food availability and its seasonal variations in several aspects of their reproduction, including body condition of individuals, egg laying date, clutch size and fledging success. I study the role of trophic interactions (such as the effects of lemming fluctuations on predator/prey interactions between geese, Snowy Owls and Arctic Foxes) and abiotic factors in regulating the Greater Snow Goose population. I also look at their feeding ecology in relation to plants response to grazing as well as the growth and bioenergetics in young geese in relation to food quality and energy expenditure. Finally, I study the survival and movements (dispersal, migration) of snow geese and lemmings with capture/recapture models. For more information on ecological studies and environmental monitoring on Bylot Island, visit our website at


Project Leader

Effects of Climate Shifts on the Canadian Arctic Wildlife: Ecosystem-Based Monitoring and Modelling

Project Member

Enhancing Community-Based Environmental Monitoring in the Canadian Arctic for Local and Regional Assessments and Adaptation Strategies

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