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Derek Mueller
Assistant Professor
Carleton University

My research focuses on coastal cryospheric features as well as ice-dependent ecosystems. I studied polar glacial ecosystems as a graduate student in Antarctica and the High Arctic. Then as a postdoctoral fellow, I used radar and optical remote sensing to study lake ice cover, ice shelves and ice islands. My current interests include developing remote sensing techniques for change detection of ?extreme? ice features along the northern coast of Canada. I am examining the relationship between changes in the cryosphere and climate and place my geophysical research in a broad ecological context.


Project Member

Impacts of the Changing Global Environment at Nunavut?s Northern Frontier

Automated Ice and Oil Spill Mapping ? Protecting Arctic Coastal Regions and Communities

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Carleton University
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6

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