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Nadja Steiner
University of Victoria

I have been working with sea-ice models for several years since 1995, parts of that within my PhD studies in Germany and lateron as an active member of AOMIP in Canada. For the last 6 years, however I have been focusing on marine ecosystem and sulphur models as well as gas exchange at the atmosphere ocean interface. I started reentering the sea-ice modelling field in 2008, preparing the Los Alamos CICE model for implementation into the CCCma (Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis) global climate and earth system models. Since April 1st 2009, I am holding a permanent research scientist position with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Sidney, BC. Within this position I will still be closely collaborating with CCCma (Environment Canada), where I will be focusing on sea-ice and ecosystem model components in the regional and global climate and earth system models as well as the continuation of 1-D model approaches I have been developing over the last couple of years. A longer term goal is the development of a coupled ocean-ice-ecosystem model for the Arctic.


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Marine Biogeochemistry and Surface Exchange of Climate Active Gases in a Changing Arctic System

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