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CJ (Christopher John) Mundy
Université du Québec à Rimouski

My current research interests are focussed on biophysical processes in the Polar Marine Environment and their sensitivity to climate change. I have recently gained an appreciation of open water Biological Oceanography, with a focus on biophysical interactions in Hudson Bay as part of my postdoctoral research. However, my main research interests lie within the bottommost layers of sea ice where a dense algal bloom occurs in spring, providing the first and sometimes the only source of primary production in ice-covered seas. I am particularly interested in the various factors that give rise to spatial and temporal scales of variability in this sea ice ecosystem. These factors include thermodynamic, radiative transfer and snow/sea ice structural processes as well as atmospheric and oceanographic forcing. In my research, I have made use of field-based measurements, remote sensing data, geographical information systems and models.


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Géomicrobiologie arctique et changements climatiques

Arc3Bio (biodiversité marine, productivité biologique et biogéochimie dans l'Arctique canadien en évolution)

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