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Robbie Bennett
Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)

My research is focused on the marine geology and seabed conditions of the Canadian Arctic. Current activities include the investigation of seabed fluting in Amundsen Gulf, mud volcanism and gas venting on the Beaufort Shelf, slope stability of the Beaufort Slope, ice scouring in the Beaufort Sea, and the stratigraphy of Arctic Canada. This research is aimed at recognizing potential geohazards that could effect the environment and/or hydrocarbon exploration, as well as providing a framework for paleoceanographic investigations. My geological research has involved the use of multibeam, sub-bottom profiler, high resolution seismic, side scan sonar, and seabed sediment cores. I have taken part in other Arctic research programs such as the Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES) and the Nahidik Beaufort Sea Program, and I am now continuing my research as part of ArcticNet. Previous work includes marine geological research in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Scotian Slope, Flemish Pass, Bay of Fundy, Northern Manitoba, Northern Alberta, and Russia.


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Cartographie du fond marin de l'Arctique canadien : contributions à la science des changements planétaires, au développement durable des ressources, à la navigation sécuritaire dans le passage du Nord-Ouest, aux risques géologiques et à la souveraineté dans l'Arctique

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