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Pierre Ayotte
Université Laval

Pierre Ayotte holds a PhD degree in Pharmacology from the University of Montreal (1987). He is an associate professor at the Department of social and preventive medicine at Université Laval and is heading the biomarker laboratory the Insitut national de santé publique de Québec. This laboratory which is supported by FRSQ?s Environmental Heath Research Network, is dedicated to the development of biomarkers to be included in molecular epidemiologic studies investigating the role of environmental factors in various diseases. His research focuses on the possible role of endocrine disrupters in altering reproduction and development, immune system function and promoting breast carcinogenesis. Dr. Ayotte has authored or co-authored 100 refereed papers and book chapters and 165 abstracts.


Directeur de projet

Conception et réalisation de l'enquête Qanuippitaa 2016 au Nunavik

Adresse principale

Université Laval
Unité de recherche en santé publique CHUQ-CHUL
Direction de la Toxicologie Humaine-INSPQ, 945 avenue Wolfe
Quebec, Quebec G1V 5B3

Téléphone: (418) 650-5115 poste 4654

Fax: (418) 654-2148