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Cécile De Serigny
MSc in geography
Université Laval

Cecile de Sérigny completed her Bachelor's Degree and Post-Graduate Degree in Wildlife and Habitats Management at the University of Quebec at Rimouski. She worked as a Wildlife Technician at Queen Maude's Bird Sanctuary in Nunavut and also, for the Canada Research Chair in Northern Biodiversity. While living in Kujjuarapik, she worked for the Northern Study Center and Youth Fusion. She was part of a team for the TUKTU Project (funded by the Paul Émile Victor Institute) which created participatory workshops to evaluate cumulative impact of mines on the well-being of the Inuit of Qamanitu'aq in Nunavut. She is also involved in outdoor projects for youth in Nunavik and Nunavut. Miss de Sérigny is currently completing her Master's Degree in Geography at the University of Montreal and is an intern with the Mélanie Lemire team at the Quebec Research Center and Sylvie Ricard of the Department of Environmental Health of the Regional Health Authority Of social services in Nunavik.


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