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Frank Duerden
Ryerson University

Frank Duerden is a Professor in the Department Geography and the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University, and Associate graduate faculty at the University of Guelph. He has long standing interest and practical experience in the field of land and resource issues in northern and rural regions. In the 1980?s he was a director of the Yukon First Nations Mapping Project, identifying economic opportunities associated with settlement lands throughout the Yukon, and subsequently introducing GIS to Yukon First Nations. Consequently he was closely associated with the land claim process, including a central role in drafting the Land Use Planning chapter of the Umbrella Final Agreement, and the development of the initial DAP (Environmental Assessment) framework agreement. He was involved in identifying and prioritizing land-use planning regions in the Yukon and acted as advisor to the Kluane land-use planning process. He has advised a number of First Nations on a wide range of land and resource issues, and worked on land claims, land-use planning and environmental assessment in British Columbia, on Maori resource rights, and on land-use planning in northern Russia. He was lead investigator for the Indigenous land Use Information Project examining the role of Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK) in planning, and has. written on sustainable development in northern Canada, northern land?use planning, land-claims, and economic development, and applications of TEK. Currently he is investigating approaches to assessing community impacts of climate change. As an academic his primary interest is in applied research and the translation of concepts and ideas to the world of application.


Membre d’un projet

Vulnérabilité, résilience et adaptation des collectivités aux changements climatiques dans l'Arctique canadien

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Ryerson University
Geographic Analysis Department
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3