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Thomas Kiyo Campbell
University of Victoria

I am a Masters of Science candidate at the University of Victoria, with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph. My research uses remote sensing and field surveys to study high Arctic vegetation responses to climate change and wildlife herbivory. It also aims to explore terrain conditions associated with vegetation trends and how these trends might impact local Indigenous communities moving forward. I have a keen interest in the potential collaboration of different parties and knowledge systems to foster more informed decision-making. In previous work experiences, I assisted with the mapping of Traditional Land Use studies in Western Canada and supported negotiations on lands and resources, as part of an Indigenous Land Claim in Ontario.


Membre d’un projet

Amélioration de la surveillance environnementale communautaire dans l'Arctique canadien en appui aux évaluations et stratégies d?'adaptation locales et régionales

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