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Malek Singer
Carleton University

I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Geomatics at Carleton University. Currently I'm being supervised by Dr. Stephan Gruber and Dr. Murray Richardson for my Honours research thesis. We are interested in seeing how well terrestrial laser scanners and UAV-based photogrammetry methods perform in mapping surface topography in permafrost environments. My work will help with research that is interested in quantifying land subsidence as well as research in land surveying of heterogeneous environments in general. I was fortunate enough to do field work in Summer 2016 in and around Yellowknife and experience the North. I am also very lucky to be able to work with state of the art technologies as well as interact with a wide array of scientists and professionals of different backgrounds.


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Recherches sur le pergélisol pour améliorer les infrastructures nordiques et la vie communautaire

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