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Rick Riewe
University of Manitoba

Dr. Rick Riewe is a Full Professor in the Department of Zoology, University of Manitoba. His research interests include northern wildlife, impacts of industrial development on northern hunters and fishers, economy of hunting cultures, and Aboriginal skin clothing. Since 1969, field research has been conducted with indigenous and local peoples throughout the circumpolar region, including Greenland, Fenno-Scandinavia, Alaska, Siberia, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, northern Manitoba, as well as Newfoundland, Labrador, Queen Charlotte Islands, and Gulf Islands in Canada. He has produced over 80 publications, is adjunct to the Natural Resources Institute, guest curator for the International Bata Shoe Museum and editor for the Aboriginal Issues Press. He is currently working on "People and Environmental Change" with Dr. Jill Oakes, a refereed publication funded by ArcticNet Theme 3.6 and published by the Aboriginal Issues Press.


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