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Myriam Labbé
Université Laval

I hold a in Microbiology from the Université Laval, in Québec city. I have participated in two undergraduate research projects in virology. First, in fundamental virology, where I studied the adsorption of bacteriophages on a specific structure on their lactic bacteria host. Second, in environmental virology, where we pictured the diversity of RNA and DNA viruses in the St. Lawrence River along the salinity gradient of the estuary. My current Phd research has taken me to Nunavut to focus on viruses from lakes of the northern Ellesmere Island, their genetic diversity and the dynamics of their infection and communities. On a broader scale, the project participates in efforts to enrich the sequence databases with ecologically-relevant viruses and present Arctic lakes as sentinels of climate change.


Membre d’un projet

Impacts des changements environnementaux mondiaux à la frontière nord du Nunavut

Section des étudiants

Titre de la thèse:
Diversity and dynamics of aquatic viruses from the Canadian High Arctic in a climate change context

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Superviseur du réseau:
Alex Culley
Warwick Vincent

Adresse principale

Université Laval
Département de biochimie, microbiologie et bio-informatique

Québec, Quebec