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Edward King
Research Scientist - Geologist
Government of Canada - Geological Survey of Canada

Edward (Ned) King is a research geologist specializing in marine and Quaternary studies. He has extensive experience in the acquisition, compilation and interpretation of marine geological/geophysical/geotechnical information. His experience spans numerous marine acoustic and sediment mapping projects on the southeastern and northwestern Canadian margins, both on the shelf and slope, Great Lakes, North Sea and many parts of the southern and northern Norwegian shelf and slope. His doctorate addressed the mode and complexity of glacial/non glacial phases in a glacial ice stream setting and slope based mass transport debris flows and megaslide events. This work was followed up with a post-doctorate fellowship at Dalhousie University. Dr. King?s Geological Survey of Canada activities focus on shallow bedrock and Quaternary mapping, glacial and sea-level process and reconstruction, canyon and mass transport processes, foundation conditions toward engineering applications, shallow geohazards, present and past sandy bedform dynamics and also lake geology. He has a track record of innovative interpretation and many ?firsts?, especially in recognition of offshore glacial reconstructions. He champions digital mapping techniques including geophysical viewing/interpretation tools and their link to geographical information systems (GIS) database conceptual design and population. Lately his focus is in Canada?s north, addressing Beaufort Sea glacial understanding and slope geohazards.


Membre d’un projet

Biodiversité cryptique et vulnérabilité des fonds rocheux et de ses milieux environnants dans l'Arctique canadien

Cartographie du fond marin de l'Arctique canadien : contributions à la science des changements planétaires, au développement durable des ressources, à la navigation sécuritaire dans le passage du Nord-Ouest, aux risques géologiques et à la souveraineté dans l'Arctique

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Government of Canada - Geological Survey of Canada
Natural Resources Canada
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Téléphone: 902 426 7739