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Joel Heath
Simon Fraser University

(Biography) My research combines theoretical and empirical approaches in a multi-disciplinary framework to increase understanding of patterns and processes in ecological systems, with applications to conservation biology. I am particularly interested in spatial and temporal scaling, coupling between physical and biological systems and interactions between individual behaviour, population dynamics and community ecology. Using interviews and collaborative field work, I also incorporate longer term Local Ecological Knowledge into my research, therefore involving local communities and increasing the scope of inference of the research program. I also place a major emphasis on public dissemination of science using presentations, film, photography, and the internet.


Membre d’un projet

Glace de mer : compréhension et modélisation du couplage biogéochimique entre l'océan, la glace de mer et l'atmosphère dans le contexte des changements climatiques

Couplage eau de mer et eau douce dans la baie d'Hudson : une étude des processus estuariens en hiver dans le corridor côtier du secteur sud-est de la baie d'Hudson et des effets des changements environnementaux

Adresse principale

Téléphone: 604-291-3988

Fax: 604-291-3496