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Kevin Hedges
Research Scientist and Program Lead, Marine Fishes and Invertebrates
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

I am interested in understanding the population and community ecology of aquatic organisms, especially fishes. My research typically explores population and community structure, implementing field surveys, field experiments, lab experiments and computer modeling, as appropriate. General research topics of interest include population assessment and modelling, anthropogenic interactions and effects, predator-prey dynamics, and environmental effects on animal behaviour and community composition.


Membre d’un projet

Biodiversité cryptique et vulnérabilité des fonds rocheux et de ses milieux environnants dans l'Arctique canadien

Adresse principale

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Freshwater Institute
Arctic Aquatic Research Division
501 University Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N6

Téléphone: 204-983-3001