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Steve Blasco
Marine Engineering Geophysicist
Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)

Steve Blasco received his Honours Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Geophysics from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, in 1972. For the past 25 years he has been employed as a marine engineering geophysicist with the Geological Survey of Canada, at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Mr. Blasco's research focuses on marine environmental and engineering geology studies. Seafloor and lakebed geological investigations are related to offshore oil and gas exploration in the Canadian Arctic, environmental problems in the Arctic, Great Lakes and Bermuda. Mr. Blasco's research has taken him to the Canadian Arctic, the Russian Federation, the Caribbean, Bermuda, China, Japan, Norway, Great Lakes and even the North Pole. Current research activities include seafloor scouring by ice keels, submarine permafrost, bottom sediment contamination, sea-level history and the use of shipwrecks as scientific time markers. His studies primarily focus on unravelling the geological history of seafloor and lakebed sediments over the past 2 million years. Mr. Blasco's geological research has involved the use of multibeam and sidescan sonars, seismic systems and manned and unmanned submersibles. Mr. Blasco was chief scientist of the joint Canada, United States and Russian scientific/commercial expedition to film the TITANIC wreck site. He has the unusual distinction of being the centrefold in special issues of both the National Geographic in 1988 and Canadian Geographic magazines in 1999. In 2002 Mr. Blasco received the Queen?s Golden Jubilee Award. In 2001 Mr. Blasco became a Member of the Order of Canada (C.M.- Science). In 1996 Mr. Blasco received the H.G. Hamilton Award from Queen's University for exceptional service to the University Alumni Association. In 1987 Mr. Blasco received the distinguished merit award from the Government of Canada for leadership in conducting geological and engineering investigations in the Beaufort Sea.


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