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Catherine Pirkle
Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre de Recherche du Centre hospitalier de l'Université Laval

Catherine Pirkle is a postdoctoral fellow in public health and epidemiology at Laval University in Québec. She is also associated with the Program in International and Community Nutrition at the University of California-Davis (USA). Previously, Catherine worked for 7 years in Mali and Senegal, West Africa. Among other research studies, she worked on the QUARITE randomized control trial (Qualité des soins, Gestion du risque et techniques obstétricales dans les pays en développement), for which she developed and validated locally-adapted measurement instruments to evaluate obstetrical quality of care. Currently, she is applying her knowledge of instrument development to examining the determinants and consequences of food insecurity in mothers and children from Nunavik (QC). She is particularly interested in the validation of epidemiological measures of food security in the Nunavik context.


Membre d’un projet

Soutien à la compréhension, aux politiques et aux actions en matière de sécurité alimentaire au Nunavik et au Nunatsiavut

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