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Vincent St. Louis
University of Alberta

My overall research program focuses on understanding the natural biogeochemical cycling of elements in the environment, and human disruptions of these cycles. For the past 28 years, I have been involved with whole-ecosystem experimentation at the Experimental Lakes Area in northwestern Ontario, examining the environmental impacts of acid rain, reservoir creation, and mercury emissions. More recently we began determining why some high and sub Arctic marine animals and freshwater fishes contain concentrations of monomethyl mercury (an organic and toxic form of mercury) high enough to cause exposure risks to northern peoples consuming them as traditional foods. Currently, as part of ArcticNet, we are quantifying terrestrial runoff sources of inorganic and monomethyl mercury to lakes at Cape Bounty on Melville Island, as well as net fluxes of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane from lakes and streams in the area.


Directeur de projet

Répercussions climatiques terrestres et aquatiques couplées sur les bassins versants en Extrême Arctique : le bassin versant du lac Hazen comme indicateur du changement

Membre d’un projet

Qualité et sécurité de l'eau dans un milieu arctique en évolution

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University of Alberta
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Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
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