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Pierre Coupel
Post doctoral researcher
Université Laval

Pierre Coupel obtained a MSc in marine biogeochemestry in 2007 and in marine ecology in 2008, both in university of Aix-Marseille (France). In March 2012, he obtained a PhD in marine biogeochemestry from University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris on « the impact of sea ice decrease on phytoplankton and carbon cycle in Arctic Ocean ». Since september 2012, Coupel have a post-doctoral fellow in Quebec Ocean at Laval University. He investigates the relationship between physico-chemical conditions in the water column and the phytoplankton communities in Arctic Ocean Methods for phytoplankton studies are based on pigments and taxonomic analysis. Pierre is also interested by the interaction between primary producers and the carbon and nutrient cycles.


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Arc3Bio (biodiversité marine, productivité biologique et biogéochimie dans l'Arctique canadien en évolution)

Télédétection de la nouvelle frontière arctique du Canada

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