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Alec Aitken
University of Saskatchewan

I am presently engaged as a Professor in the Department of Geography & Planning at the University of Saskatchewan located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My training has been multidisciplinary in nature and includes degrees in biology (B.Sc. Honours), geography (M.Sc.), and geology (Ph.D.), as well as postdoctoral research in marine biology and marine geology. My research interests are focused on Quaternary geology, marine geology, and benthic marine ecology. I have pursued research in Labrador, in Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay,in fjords on Baffin Island and Axel Heiberg Island, and in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. I served as Project Leader in the Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES)and I continue to collaborate with CASES colleagues Kathleen Conlan (Canadian Museum of Nature), Ed Hendrycks (Canadian Museum of Nature), and Philippe Archambault(UQAR) to study the marine ecology of the Canadian Beaufort Sea. I am presently a Network Investigator in the ArcticNet Phase IV project titled "Integrated marine geoscience in support of sustainable development and environmental impact assessment, Frobisher Bay" led by co-PI's Evan Edinger and Chris Mate.


Membre d’un projet

Recours aux géosciences marines intégrées pour orienter l'évaluation des répercussions environnementales et le développement durable dans la baie Frobisher au Nunavut

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