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Adrienne White
M.Sc. Candidate
University of Ottawa

Adrienne White is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa, where she completed a BA in Geography with a minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis. During her undergraduate degree, she developed an interest in cryospheric studies and remote sensing. Her participation in field courses and expeditions to the St Elias Mountain Range (Yukon), Tapado Glacier (Chile), the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf and Grise Fiord (Canadian High Arctic) have inspired her graduate studies in glaciology. Furthermore, work terms with the Canadian Ice Service (Environment Canada) working as a GIS Support Scientist on the UNCLOS Sea Bed mapping Project, have developed her remote sensing and GIS expertise while providing field support to base managers in Resolute. Adrienne is currently working towards completing a M.Sc. in Physical Geography under the supervision of Dr. Luke Copland (University of Ottawa) and Dr. Derek Mueller (Carleton University). Her thesis will focus on completing the first comprehensive survey of the Petersen Ice Shelf in Nunavut, Canada. This survey will include ice thickness and mass balance measurements, while quantifying recent changes in surface area. Her study will use a variety of approaches including GPR, and specialized remote sensing techniques such as speckle tracking. In accomplishing this study, Adrienne aims to improve our understanding of ice shelf dynamics and the conditions leading to ice shelf collapse along the northern coast of Ellesmere Island. Adrienne is currently an active member on the executive and student committees for CMOS (Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society) and is a participating member of ArcticNet. Outside of university, Adrienne has a passion for aviation and is currently pursuing a private pilot?s license. She also enjoys hiking, and travelling.


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Impacts des changements environnementaux mondiaux la frontire nord du Nunavut

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