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Maurice Levasseur

Maurice Levasseur obtained a MSc in Marine Biology at Laval University (1983) and a PhD in Oceanography at the University of British Columbia (1990). He then worked as a researcher and head of the Primary Production Section at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute (1990-2002). Since 2002, he is professor in the Department of Biology at Laval University where he holds the Canadian Research Chair on Plankton-Climate Interactions. He is also director of the network Quebec-Ocean, and Canadian delegate for the IGBP SOLAS (Surface Ocean ? Lower Atmosphere Study) program. Levasseur specializes in the biological production of the climatically-active gases dimethylsulfide and nitrous oxide, and in the ecophysiology of harmful algal blooms.


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Biogéochimie marine et échange en surface des gaz ayant un effet sur le climat dans un système arctique en évolution

Arc3Bio (biodiversité marine, productivité biologique et biogéochimie dans l'Arctique canadien en évolution)

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