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Administrative Centre

Acting under the direction of the Executive Director, ArcticNet’s Administrative Centre is located on the campus of Université Laval in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and is responsible for the daily operations of ArcticNet. The centre comprises the administrative offices of the network and includes its staff and equipment.

Executive Director

Braithwaite, Leah
As Chief Operating Officer, the Executive Director provides the leadership and direction for all network operations and ensures control and accountability on a day-to-day basis. She is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors, Research Management Committee and Inuit Advisory Committee.

Administrative Director

Choquette, Réal
The Administrative Director leads some of the day to day operations of the Network management, including administration, reporting and financial matters.

Communications Officer

(Maternity leave)
Blasco, Katie
The Communications Officer is in charge of implementing the Network's communications plan as well as directing the design of print publications and supporting internal and external communications activities.

Finance Coordinator

Desmarais, Natalie
The Finance Coordinator oversees all project budgets, supervises payments to universities and assists researchers with their projects in all finance-related matters. She is also responsible for the Administrative Centre's accounting and annual reporting to the Networks of Centres of Excellence.

Executive Assistant

Demers, Christine
The Executive Assistant performs and oversees technical and office administrative duties in support of the Scientific Director, the Executive Director and other ArcticNet staff as required by daily operations.

Marine Research Manager

Levesque, Keith
The Marine Research Manager is responsible for ensuring the liaison between ArcticNet’s science management committee, ArcticNet scientists, the Canadian Coast Guard, the ship’s commanding officers and chief scientists. He is also in charge of planning and overseeing all logistics pertaining to the annual scientific expeditions in the Arctic.

Website Developer

Tougas, Sylvain
The Website developer is in charge of maintaining ArcticNet’s website and intranet. He also manages the database that feeds the website and provides technical support to ArcticNet participants, staff and website users.